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The Future of Pashmina & Cashmere Industry. Coming Soon!!

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#PashminaGoatProject is a conscious and proactive brand that uses methods which do not harm people our planet while also leaving a positive impact across the authentic Pashmina eco-system in Himalayas. The processes used to achieve sustainability are reliable, replicable, measurable and conformable.


Pashmina scarves by #PashminaGoatProject are made by humans end-to-end. This includes the finest aspect of craftsmanship and our scarves are not mass produced and are many notches better in quality than the ones mass produced by a machine. The Rawness and Slight Shade Difference is a Mark of Humans and Not Machines.


#PashminaGoatProject makes a constant effort as a brand to be conscious about it's actions and reactions to the world we exist in, knowing that what we put out has consequences, some of them long-term. And as a conscious brand we take a stance on a larger social, policy, impact, environment and cultural debate that is woven around #ClimateChange #Sustainability #UNSDGs etc.


#PashminaGoatProject strictly avoids using or generating substances toxic to humans from any of the processes involved in the making of these fine Pashmina scarves. Therefore, the net carbon released from the process is zero. Our scarves are safe, healthy and environment friendly because they only contain natural ingredients.


#PashminaGoatProject products do not harm the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal. We use Environment friendly processes, and participate efficiently to reduce and minimise the damage or harm upon the ecosystem or the environment.


#PashminaGoatProject uses extreme caution in developing it's packaging. Our packaging is also sustainably developed and empowers the artisans who are dependent on making our boxes for their livelihood. We use materials that can be used again, usually after processing. Our packaging is not only Recycled but is also Recyclable.

Changing Lives. One Scarf at a Time

The Most Credible Voice for the Community

Our Journey of Becoming the Most Credible Voice for the Pashmina Eco-System & Community in the World Started in 2012.

Making of #JamPurple Pashmina by

Inspiration & Journey of the Unique Pashmina Creations by #PashminaGoatProject that are changing lives.


This sustainable and 100% handmade and organic creation from #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas is aligned to the #UNSDG4 that, obtaining quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development. These are Real Kashmir Pashmina Shawls.


This purest, sustainable, handmade and organic creation from #PashminaGoatProject at the extreme edge of Himalayas is aligned to the #UNSDG17 that, revitalizes the global partnership for sustainable development. These are Real Original Pashmina Shawls.

#Turmeric Yellow

This sustainable and 100% handmade and organic creation from #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas is aligned to the #UNSDG7 that, energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.

#Barbie Pink Pashmina Shawl

This sustainable and 100% handmade and organic creation from #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas is aligned to the #UNSDG10 that, to reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle. These are Real Certified Pashmina Shawls.


This sustainable and 100% handmade and organic creation from #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas is aligned to the #UNSDG3 that, ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

Rose Red Pashmina #UNSDG1 #NoPoverty

#UNSDG1 that, economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.

Granola Tan Pashmina Shawl #UNSDG2 #ZeroHunger

#UNSDG2 that, food and agriculture sector offers key solutions for development, and is central for hunger and poverty eradication.

Shamrock Green Pashmina Shawl #UNSDG15 #LifeOnLand

#UNSDG15 that, sustainably managed forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.


Everyone has their goals in life, but what if the planet came together to work towards the common ones ? This is the thinking behind the 17 Global Goals created by the United Nations to achieve a more sustainable world by 2030. And with the power to end poverty, battle inequality and paralyze global warming, the goals will build a more responsible, just and peaceful future for everyone.  Whether you pick the issue that’s closest to your heart or get involved in all 17, join us in spreading the word. Wear our Pure Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Scarves for a Reason and let the Reason be Love.

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#PashminaGoatProject, through it’s micro initiatives and ground breaking projects is on a mission to democratise authentic Pashmina Industry by translating transparency

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into real sustainability, better prices, and better quality for the global consumers at every possible turn by policy, social and technology intervention.

The Journey Towards Preservation & Empowerment of Communities

As the Most Credible Name in the Sustainable, Conscious, Organic and Slow Pashmina Eco-System, Pashmina Goat Project has helped 100s of Designers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Luxury Stores across the world, source the necessary Pashmina Materials at Wholesale and Bulk Prices. We have also helped, guided and educated them with the Pashmina Purity Standards to follow that would help them create  Pure Pashmina Shawls, Cashmere Wraps, Pashmina Hijabs, Swarovski Crystals Embellished Shawls, Ombre Pashmina, Embroidered Pashmina, Cashmere Scarves, Solid Pashmina, Reversible Pashmina, Lace Pashmina, Ply Pashmina, Wraps Ply Shawls, Pure Cashmere, Pashmina Wraps, Bhasoli Pashmina Shawls, Kashmir Pashmina Shawls, Ladakh Pashmina Shawls and Jammu and Kashmir Shawls Since 2012. As a community initiative, Pashmina Goat Project on the other side has been helping original Pashmina lovers to engage with the authentic Pashmina Eco-system and participate in delivering justice to the original stakeholders of Pashmina across Himalayas. #WhoMadeMyPashmina and #PashminaGoatProject are the original campaigns to create a global community of real Pashmina Lovers and sensitize the global Pashmina buyers about the authentic Pashmina eco-system and how to engage with it. Come join us in this beautiful journey of empowerment, preservation and economic liberation. Come. Discover Pashmina. #PashminaGoatProject = REAL PASHMINA . PEOPLE . PROJECTS & IMPACT This is a One Stop Place for Real Kashmir Pashmina Shawls, Real Certified Pashmina Shawls, Real Original Pashmina Shawls.

Fluffy Cloud

A truly hand-crafted Pashmina will feel as though you have engulfed yourself in pristine fluffy clouds. Its soft touch & utmost warmth caresses you as you nestle in it

Impressions for Life

Real Pashmina has been an object of desire for the Mughal Emperors, The Sikh Maharajas, The Iranian Nobles, The French Empresses, and even The Russian & British Aristocrats

#PashminaGoatProject Real Soft Certified Pashmina Shawls

Beyond Soft, Very Soft, Silky Soft, Heavenly Soft is #PashminaGoatProject Soft. Through the lens of the generational pashmina weavers, the softer the better. These quality of scarves have a luscious, luxurious hand feel. It's an elevated and rich quality that is both durable and soft. You will always feel more comfortable while wearing the scarves of #PashminaGoat. These products soften over time with every single wear. This quality is for people who like soft, real and non-violent scarves and enjoy being comfortable. The hand feel is very soft to the touch as your hand will glide along the surface and you'll get that warm feeling inside. You'll get that instantly recognisable, buttery smooth hand feel when you glide your hand across its surface making then #PashminaGoatProject Soft Pashmina

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The dedication with which #PashminaGoatProject Team works to get the best piece made for you is unbelievable ...... Ayeleen



Your scarves have made me think about  the planet. I support #PashminaGoatProject ... Sophia.



Just love the softness of these scarves. These Pashmina Scarves come from a different world .... Noora



Truly Slow and sustainable. Love every bit of thing that was sent in the box. Ordering More....Caroline

Tiger Orange Pashmina Shawl #UNSDG9 #IndustryInnovationAndInfrastructure

#UNSDG9 that, investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Jam Purple Pashmina Shawl #UNSDG8 #DecentWorkAndEconomicGrowth

#UNSDG8 that, sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.

Aegean Blue Pashmina #UNSDG16 #PeaceJusticeAndStrongInstitutions

#UNSDG16 which is, access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

Visual Journey of Real Pashmina Scarves by #PashminaGoatProject (A Short Documentary by Bloomberg International)

#PashminaGoatProject Certified Pashmina

Pashmina Goat Project's Real Pashmina Scarves and Shawls undergo a stringent internal quality control mechanism that ensures that our customers keep coming back to us for more. The Process to give Real Pashmina, Original Pashmina to each and every customer across the world every time, depends on How is Pashmina Made and Handled from start to finish.

Why you should care for How Pure and Real Pashmina is Made ? Whenever you buy any product like Pashmina that is 100% Handmade, Follows a Complete Sustainable Process, Follows a Conscious Brand Guidelines, Is Environment Friendly, Has Almost Zero Chemicals and Uses Recycled Packaging for each and every scarf that is made, you become an active participant in making this world a better place. In-fact it is as good as "Saving the World". This is what makes Pashmina Goat Project, the Most Trusted Pashmina Brand and the Top Trusted Pashmina Seller across the World. Buy PashminaGoatProject Genuine Certified Pashmina and understand the difference.

Red Pashmina Value Box 5 Real Pashminas in 1

Red Tones Value Box ( 5 Pashminas Combo ) These Sustainable 100% Handmade Real Pashmina Creations by #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas are aligned to the #UNSDG1 #UNSDG4 #UNSDG5 #UNSDG8 #UNSD108

Color Palette

Rose Red + Crimson Red + Marigold Orange + Jam Purple + Magenta Pink

9% Flat Discount

Limited Time Offer. Order Your Value Box of 5 Real Pashminas in 1

Creating Lasting Impact "One Scarf at a Time".

When you buy from us, you enable us to change lives. ( #PashminaGoatProject : Real Pashmina, People, Projects & Impact )

Wheelchairs by PashminaGoatProject.jpg

Enable Us to Gift a Wheelchair when you order 24 Scarves (Any Size)

When you buy #PashminaGoatProject Real Pashmina Scarves, you enable us to sponsor a gift that will not only help provide the elderly people the world with the transforming gift of mobility, but the invaluable gifts of independence, dignity, and hope. ( Once Done, #PashminaGoatProject will send you the Testimony & a Certificate )

Eye Surgeries by PashminaGoatProject.jpg

Enable Us to Get an Eye Surgery when you order 12 Scarves (Any Size)

You can make a difference by helping transform lives and bring healing. When you buy #PashminaGoatProject Real Pashmina Scarves from us, it enables us to sponsor an eye surgery which the patient himself or herself cannot afford. ( Once Done, #PashminaGoatProject will send you the Testimony & a Certificate )

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SchoolBags by PashminaGoatProject.jpg

Enable Us to Gift a Schoolbag when you order 3 Scarves (Any Size)

When you buy #PashminaGoatProject Real Pashmina Scarves you participate in sponsoring a child with a school bag and a science kit that can change the future of a child. ( Once Done, #PashminaGoatProject will send you the Testimony & a Certificate )

WaterPumps by PashminaGoatProject.jpg

Enable Us to Build a Water Pump when you order 100+ Scarves (Any Size)

When you buy #PashminaGoatProject Real Pashmina Scarves, you participate in giving the Gift of Clean Water to a large community and turn on the tap for a whole community in a village. Give the gift of clean water with a water pump and make an improvement for children and their families in remote villages​. ( Once Done, #PashminaGoatProject will send you the Testimony & a Certificate )

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Blue Pashmina Value Box 4 Real Pashminas in 1

Blue Tones Value Box ( 4 Pashminas Combo ) These Sustainable 100% Handmade Real Pashmina Creations by #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas are aligned to the #UNSDG6 #UNSDG14 #UNSDG16 #UNSDG17

Color Palette

Sapphire Blue + Cerulean Blue + Aegean Blue + Ocean Blue

9% Flat Discount

Limited Time Offer. Order Your Value Box of 4 Real Pashminas in 1

How is Real Pashmina Made ?

Pashmina shawl is weaved by skilled artisan called Wovur in Kashmir and the process is called Wonun. Become a Real Pashmina Expert. Click on the Link Below to Visit Our Expert Partner Website.

Pashmina Myths Busted

Does Pashmina Come from the Belly & Chest of the Goat ?

Quick Pashmina Hacks

Pashmina Hacks & Tips Everyone Should Know by Pashmina Goat Project

Pashmina Myth Busted

What is Pashmina ? How is Real Pashmina Made ? What is the Pashmina Test ? Pashmina Vs Cashmere ? Follow Our Blog for More

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