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Pashmina shawl is weaved by skilled artisan called Wovur in Kashmir and the process is called Wonun. The weaver works like a magician working simultaneously with his feet and hands on a handloom to handle one of the most delicate naturally produced luxury fibre on the plant. [ The First Step: The Changpas (Pashmina Goat Shepherds) ] Pashmina or Changra Goats are reared by a special tribe called Changpa Tribe, who live in the Changthang region of Ladakh, India. They are semi-nomadic people of Tibetan origin and inhabit the Changthang plateau. This ribe is physically aclamatised to be in that terrain and have survived the harshness of the teraain for over ten centuries, rearing Pashmina Goats for it's super fine hair which makes this hair and this goat, the center of the authentic Pashmina eco-system of the world. This is where you would be interested to also know that the Co-Founder of Pashmina Goat Project, Babar Afzal is a Shepherd who’s story and journey is both inspirational and an example of life of internal change and external impact. [ The Second Step: Selection of the Finest Pashmina Goat Hair ] The making of Pashmina involves collecting the fine undercoat hair of the Pashmina Goat, Sorting Raw Pashmina, Spinning, Weaving to Create a world-class shawl. Indeed, the entire process is both extensive and thorough. And that’s why only a few brands who have a deep root in the real handmade luxury Pashmina shawls and scarves weaving have been able to survive in the industry. As an authority and encyclopaedia on Pashmina, we have a mastery in selecting only the finest of Chyangra / Pashmina Goat hair. All our fibre is hand-combed to maintain its quality & preserve its natural tenderness. Besides that Pashmina Goat Project is the only project in the world that is centred around the preservation of the Pashmina Goats and ensures that no raw material is sourced in a manner that violates animal rights. That is how the name Pashmina Goat Project came into existence in the first place. [ The Third Step: The Weaving of a Real Genuine Pashmina Shawl & Scarves ] Real Pashmina is a delicate wool which is known for it’s thinness which gives it, the softness and a buttery texture. It hence has to be woven manually so that the delicate fiber does not face the harsh processing of a machine. Because it is so delicate, it cannot withstand the stress of a power loom. Which also means that what comes out of the power loom definitely has a non-pashmina ingredient in it (used to withstand the stress of the machine loom). [ A Huge Color Selection of Handmade Real Pashmina Shawls & Scarves ] Pashmina Goat Project’s Pashmina Shawls bring forth for the lovers of Real and Genuine Pashmina a wide variety of Solid Color Pashmina Scarves & Shawls. These Shawls are beautifully designed by our proficient shawls designer by using authentic Pashmina and keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. The offered Real Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Shawls are available in all sizes that suit all occasions. Further, these genuine Pashmina shawls are offered at a very reasonable price as there are no middlemen involved. The special Trademarked Certified Pashmina Shawls and Scarves include Rose Red Pashmina, Granola Tan Pashmina, Emerald Green Pashmina, Crimson Red Pashmina, Candy Red Pashmina, Cerulean Blue Pashmina, Marigold Orange Pashmina, Jam Purple Pashmina, Tiger Orange Pashmina, Magenta Pink Pashmina, Honey Yellow Pashmina, Cider Yellow Pashmina, Pickle Green Pashmina, Sapphire Blue Pashmina, Shamrock Green Pashmina, Aegean Blue Pashmina, Ocean Blue Pashmina Colour Shawls, Wraps, Scarves, Stoles, etc. Pashmina Goat Project makes 100% Handmade Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Shawls, Ladakh Pashmina Shawls, Kashmir Pashmina Shawls, Jammu and Kashmir Shawls and is the only Trusted Pashmina Seller from Kashmir and Ladakh If you want to wear a Real Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Shawls, Scarves, Wrap, Hijab, Stoles on any outfit at the best possible price and also a Pashmina that has far deeper meaning to it. A meaning that is aligned to your personality and also support a cause like No Poverty, Gender Equality, Climate Actions etc, you should visit our Shop.

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