NaturalBeige MysticNeutral Calm Flexibile
NaturalBeige MysticNeutral Calm Flexibile

Natural Beige Pashmina Shawl #MysticNeutral #Calm #Flexibile

US$ 246.49US$ 246.49

This Sustainable 100% Handmade Real Pashmina Creation by #PashminaGoatProject in Himalayas represents and is aligned to the message from Mystics which teach us to be Neutral, Calm and Flexible. This beautiful #NaturalBeige is one of the finest sustainable luxury Pashmina creations that has taken many man-hours of intricate hand weaving of the delicate Pashmina fibre. Artisans, with their unique generational skills breathe life into this scarf. This unique colour has a lot of meaning and looks absolutely gorgeous. "Wear this Scarf for a Reason, And let the Reason Be Love " Fabric: Finest Pashmina On The Planet Color: Natural Beige (Trade Marked Color of #PashminaGoatProject) Care: Care Instructions With Every Piece Embroidery: None Time To Make: 105 To 330 Man Hours Approx. Type: Handmade End-To-End Weight: 105 / 170 / 330 Grams Approx. Payment: Online & Bank Transfer Note: There might be a slight difference in shade (that you receive) because our scarves are handmade end-to-end by artisans and there is no machine process used anywhere. And that is what makes #PashminaGoatProject's Scarves Beautiful.

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