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#PashminaGoatProject is an Indian Handmade Sustainable Luxury fashion brand, co-founded by a community headed by Dr. Henna Anjum & Dr. Babar Afzal, mentored by a Global Advisory Council of the #PashminaGoatProject and handled by it’s small yet talented and passionate team based in India and London. This website is one of the micro projects under the #PashminaGoatProject which also includes the Sustainable #PashminaDialogue (A Global Round Table Series) #PashminaGoatProject was founded in the Year 2012 when the founder was moved by the death of 25,000 Pashmina Goats that died in Himalayas due to the effect of Climate Change. With no plan for the future he chose to become a shepherd himself and became one of them. His life journey was also profiled by TIME Magazine and also converted into a Documentary (By International Directors who wanted to share his life and mission with the world). Now, in order to sustain the micro initiatives of the project, the founders have decided to give the best Pashmina on the Planet to the World though this website and in return get more and more visibility and help for a very large community. #PashminaGoatProject Brand Pashmina Scarves are a thing in themselves. You need to just order ONE to see the difference. with a mission to empower people and planet through sustainable design and a deep rooted culture of love and care. In the past 10 years, we mastered the basics of this luxury fabric “Pashmina” that has now become the gold standard for “Authentic Luxury Pashmina” globally, supporting artisans and funding health care, technology and education micro-initiatives for the community in the Indian Himalayas. We discovered the beauty and versatility of this amazing luxury fabric in it’s purest form, and developed our signature scarves that now make the #PashminaGoatProject’s DNA. We continue to run grass root micro projects of healthcare, education, technology and skills training through the Pashmina Goat Foundation.

How #PashminaGoatProject Happened

"The #PashminaGoatProject’s micro-initiatives/projects are an extension of everything we have done over the past one decade to connect the world with the real and authentic pashmina eco-system spread across Himalayas. With the #PashminaGoatProject brand, we set out to put the power in the hands of the global consumer of this sustainable luxury fabric “Pashmina”. The project became sensitive to the UN Global Goals through one of it’s Co-founder, Dr. Babar Afzal, who’s life journey is both inspirational and purposeful. A journey that is an intertwine of several threads. It’s about a man who quit his Silicon Valley career and became a shepherd a decade ago. And took upon himself to guard the roots of the eco-system and gift the perfection that is Pashmina, to the world and in the process give back as much to the community that has selflessly given the world the, finest fabric known to man. The foundation of the #PashminaGoatProject was laid in a manner that directly delivers on the 8 of the 17 Goals through it’s micro-projects and initiatives. In this journey the Friend of #PASHMINAGOAT Program was also launched that aims to sensitize the global consumer about the Goals and bring people into the conversation by asking everyone to choose the Global Goal that matter most to them personally. And to encourage people to make that choice, we designed the Friends of #PashminaGoatBand - a set of ethically and sustainably made bands that are made from compressed waste wood and cotton threads by the community that is the real custodian of this authentic luxury eco-system in Himalayas www.pashminagoat.org By choosing your Goal and wearing your Friend of #PashminaGoatBand, it brings you closer to the issue that you are championing as both a reminder and a call to action. We hope they will become a symbol of us all uniting to create a healthy planet. Beyond the Scarves #PashminaGoatProject has multiple micro-initiatives that are focused on highlighting the extraordinary potential of the authentic Pashmina eco-system in Himalayas. The project is welcoming individuals and organizations from across the verticals of Art, Culture, Heritage, Climate Change, Ecology, Economy, Fashion, and Sustainability Spectrums through a Global Sustainable #PashminaDialogue, to wear their scarves with pride and help us spread the word. In addition, there are exciting events and round table series that we are hosting around the world, as we dive into each of the subject areas that the Goals represent. Looking at where we stand now, what progress is being made and how we can best achieve each Goal engaging ourselves and our profiled consumers with the UNSDG Index www.sdgindex.org. We believe in creating a circular economy system framework that tackles global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution. The Pashmina Goat Project is working aggressively within all our micro-projects to transform every element of our "take-make-waste" pashmina eco-system that includes how we manage the authentic pashmina resources, how we make and use authentic pashmina products from start to finish including our packaging, and what we do with the materials afterwards. We truly believe that if we all come together, we can achieve the Global Goals and build a healthy future for ourselves and future generations. Please join us and wear our scarves for a reason and let that reason be LOVE. Out journney and commintments to the Fragile Eco-system in Himalayas makes us the mopst sort after and Credible Pashmina Seller in the World. We created this unique project that centers arounf delivering in UN SDG Global Goals and offers a unique UN SDG Merchandise that creates meaningul buying and gifting around each UN SDG Color.


#PashminaGoatProject, through it’s micro initiatives and projects is on a Mission to democratise authentic Pashmina Industry by translating transparency into real sustainability, better prices, and better quality for the global consumers at every possible turn by policy, social and technology intervention. #PashminaGoatProject through it’s founders has laid the foundation for 1. Authentic Sustainability 2. Better Quality Pashmina with Better Quality of Life and 3. Best Price Guarantee